Remembering Fr. Mike

by: Carmencita “Manchie” delos Santos Paez

How good a person you are depends only on how much compassion and sympathy you have in your heart for others., This quote best describes Fr. Mike.  He lived his life in service of others regardless of what role he played.  He was a caring brother who saved money so he could buy us toys when we were young and beautiful clothes when we were older. When we need something that we could not possibly ask our parents for, he would be there.  He anticipated our every need and used his savings to help us achieve or realize them.  My first plane ride was with him.  He took my mother and my sister on a vacation and since I was then in school, you could very well imagine how much money I contributed.  Nada, of course.

As he was very smart both in mathematics and in languages, he patiently taught us and never called us “slow” or whatever. He would never hurt your feelings especially if he knew that you were trying to really understand those math problems.  He is a licensed Chemical Engineer from De La Salle University so one could imagine how good he was with figures.

As an uncle to my children and my other siblings’ children, he would make sure at all occasions that everyone enjoyed, preparing a feast, games and prizes for everyone even the household help.  He was a friend to many and treated everyone like family. 

Lastly, he was a man of God.  Everything he had done until his last breath was according to the will of God.  He was the driving force in making us all closer to God. Known for his long homilies, Fr. Mike consciously prepared every word at every mass to be able to perfectly deliver to others the word of God.  A man so honest, thoughtful and kind as Fr. Mike was cannot be honored by a single speech.  These are just some of the memories he left behind that we all are fortunate enough to experience.  To everyone here, thank you so much for honoring my brother with this tribute.  To Fr. Mike, thank you for giving us memories to treasure, your unconditional love and for making each one of us a better person by your example.  You are so greatly missed.

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