Chapel Inventory

List of inventory and chapel properties kept and maintain for thirty years (30) years

I. Pre – construction Period

    1. The parcel of lot in this very spot, the corner of Sto. Niño and F.T Reyes Streets in the City of Malolos Bulacan from the Jacinto and Lomotan Family.
    2. A seed money of Php 1,000,000.00 from Mrs. Zenaida H. Tengco and her friends which was used as initial fund in the building and construction of the chapel.
    3. The engineering and architectural work of the chapel was headed by Arch. Jose Guilberto Lomotan and Associates
    4. Due credit is given to then Barangay Captain Gabriel Bautista for organizing the labor related works for the chapel.

II. Construction Period

    1. The gravel and sand requirements from the late Mrs. Mering Reyes through Engr. Peping Reyes
    2. The entire roofing from the Jacinto Steel Corporation, later repaired and improved by the Hermanos Mayores for the years 2013 and 2015.
    3. The marble flooring of the chapel from Mayor Mel and Ching Lopez.
    4. The pwerta mayor or main door from. Mr. Al Tengco
    5. The two side doors of the chapel by Pete and Al Tengco
    6. The two sliding glass doors from Hermanos Mayores 2016
    7. The extension of the left and right wings of the chapel used as choir area and entrance to the sacristy from Doña Victoria Tengco and Family on the occasion of their Hermanidad in January 2004.

III. The Main Altar

    1. The wooden retablo of the Sto. Niño from the Heirs of Don Antonio Bautista and the gold metal rios of the Sto. Niño from Mr. Gino U. Marasigan.
    2. The silver frontal embellishment of the altar table from the late Cesar J. Lomotan and Fe R. Lomotan and further enhanced by the Hermanos Mayores 2011.
    3. The three major statues inside the chapel: Nuestra Señora del Carmen, from the late Dorothea Tantoco – Formoso and Her Children. The Señor San Jose, from Ms. Lita V. Tantoco and the Señor Sto. Niño from Atty. Victor V. Tantoco. Later, the head and hands of the Sto. Niño was re-painted by Mr. Alberto Panganiban.
    4. The two kneeling angels from Mr. Manny V. Castro.
    5. The two standing angels and the grand chair for priest from the Reyes Family in memory of the late Elang Reyes.
    6. The images of Sta. Ana, Niña Maria and San Joaquin from the Tengco Family of Baliuag Bulacan
    7. The chalice and ciborium from Ms. Cening Tiongson and Mrs. Carmen Bautista delos Santos, later re-plated by Mr. and Mrs. Berto and Beth Villanueva.

IV.  Its Ornaments:

    1. The mural at the ceiling from Mr. Al Tengco
    2. The paintings at the ceiling of the chapel from Mr. Dez Bautista, later completed by Mr. Manny Castro.
    3. The chandeliers from Mrs. Petrona Lim of Arte Espanol and its prisms by Mr. Pete Rodrigo.  Other LED lights of the chapel from Mrs. Rina Aniag,
    4. The Sto. Niño de Malolos-stained glass at the main door and other six (6) stained glass of Sto. Niño images at the nave from Mr. Manny V. Castro and Friends.
    5. The stained-glass rosette from the Late Lito R. Mariano
    6. The glass blocks of the redar walls from Manny V. Castro and Friends
    7. The tile ornaments at the chapel from the Tengco Family of Baliuag, Bulacan and Hermanos Mayores 2015.
    8. The wooden seal of the Holy Names of Jesus from Mr. Manny Castro.

V.  Its Furniture’s and adjacent area’s

    1. The pews of the chapel from the late Roger Ramos and Hermanos Mayores 2005. Its embellishment from Corina Bautista and Alberto and Rina Aniag.
    2. The cabinets inside the sacristy from the Hermanos Mayores of fiesta 2009 later improved by Hermanos Mayores 2021.
    3. The floor carpet from Mr.  Manny Castro and Mr.  Rey dela Cruz
    4. The multipurpose room now the sacristy and comfort room area, initially funded by Mrs. Lily Montiverde later improved and renovated by Hermanos Mayores of fiesta 2009 and 2019.

VI. On Technical

    1. The sound system of the chapel by Mr. Sander K. Tantoco
    2. The airconditiong units of the chapel from Mr. Ulay V. Tantoco and the children of Mayor Mel and Ching Lopez, the Hermanos Mayores of the 2010 fiesta.

VII. External Ornaments:

    1. The ornate cross on top of the chapel from Mr. Gino U. Maragigan.
    2. The bell of the chapel from the late Dr. Benny Santos, Elissa Santos and Cening Tiongson.
    3. The finial ornaments from the Children of Mayor Mel and Ching Lopez, Hermanos Mayores of fiesta 2010.
    4. The “ciudad de oro” at the façade of the chapel from Mr. Al Tengco
    5. The repainting of the external walls of the chapel from the Hermanos Mayores 2014

VIII. Additional improvements and donations made after 30 years

    1. The painting of adoring angels on top of the retablo from Mr. and Mrs. Berto Villanueva
    2. The Estampa of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus from Mr. Robert Ryan Valle
    3. Complete repair of the comfort room from Trustee, Dr. and Mrs. Ernesto Santos
    4. The chapel organ from the Tantoco Family.
    5. The complete repainting of the chapel exterior from the Hermanos Mayores of the year 2020
    6. The statures of St. Ann, Niña Maria and St. Joaquim from the Tengco Family of Baliuag, Bulacan
    7. The renovation and installation of air-conditioning unit of the sacristy and its adjacent area from the Hermanos Mayores 2021
    8. The Statues of the Three Kings, from the central funds of the Sto. Niño de Malolos Foundation, Inc. and Chito Sumera
    9. The Belen from the Hermanos and Hermanas Mayores 2015

Each item mentioned in these lists are votive offerings of donors made out of love and devotion to the Sto. Niño de Malolos either as an act of thanksgiving or in supplication to the Sto. Niño.  We as care takers of all these commits to its preservation, maintenance and care for the use of this chapel for liturgical and other related functions whose major objective is to give honor to God.

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