Introduction for the Rededication of the Templete de Sto. Niño de Malolos


For more than a century, Malolos has been the cradle of Sto. Niño devotion in Central Luzon. The spread of devotion and affection to the Sto. Niño was attributed to Augustinian missionaries who were responsible in baptizing and converting the natives of Bulacan to Catholicism. Cults to the Sto. Niño became popular in towns of Hagonoy, Paombong, Bustos, Malolos, and other places in Bulacan.

In Malolos, the barrio of Pariancillo was and still is the home of this cherished devotion. A small community of enterprising Chinese mestizo in the late 19th century honored the Sto. Niño by erecting a small chapel made of adobe stones. This visita saw the growth of devotion and richness of tradition as the fiesta of the Sto. Niño in Pariancillo during the Spanish colonial period was noted for its flair and exuberance.

When the Second World War erupted, the barrio was financially shaken and the once beautiful visita was left deteriorating until its demolition in late 1940s. The present visita known today as the Templete de Sto. Niño de Malolos was wrought and conceptualized in the spirit of fervent devotion, concern for tradition, mutual interest among devotees, and love of God. Through the parcel of land donated by the Jacinto-Lomotan family and the concerted efforts of the Bautista, Tantoco, Tengco and Lopez families, the present chapel was completed and solemnly dedicated in 1991.

For 25 years, this templete has been the home of Señor Sto. Niño. It is here where countless stories of blessings and miracles occurred; where would-be mothers were granted children; where the sick found healing; where the lonely and the least of brethren found solace and comfort; where generations of young and old devotees were inspired; and where lasting friendships had been solidified. In all of these, to God be the glory.

 Thank you, Señor Sto. Niño de Malolos. 


The Templete de Sto. Niño de Malolos

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